Friday, 21 February 2014

The New Hub - Virtual Learning Commons

This is the second time I have been lucky enough to design a virtual learning commons (VLC).

The VLC at Chris Akkerman will become the go to place for everything digital in our school. It will be the launching pad for projects, websites, web2.0 tools, tutorials and much more.

The following ideas are my thinking behind each of the sections/pages:

About Us

This page links people to see what is happening at our school and also to get in touch with us. Anyone can leave comments or email us.


There are two links pages. One has Web 2.0 tools that we are using at our school and the other common websites that our students use. I separated them to help our students see the difference between regular websites and those that are web2.0 tools.  


I predict this will be the most used part of the site. Each grade will have access to their page that that can edit themselves (when given the permissions) . Each project page will link directly to work that is being done in an inquiry project in the classroom. This will help organizing digital files and allowing students to gain quick access to their work, success criteria and other digital resources. 


This page will have videos that and documents that have been made to help both teachers and students learn new ways of doing things using the technology in our school.  This will hopefully free up time for the teacher and student by providing extra support away from classroom and time. 


These two pages will be something that we will hopefully experiment with too. The Professional Learning page will serve as a place to list resources and documents that we create and share at PL days. The Staff Meeting page will serve as a memory of staff meetings we have by adding minutes (that could be collaboratively written in Google Drive). Due to some of the sensitive nature of information shared, these pages could be password protected too, especially the Staff Meeting page.