Monday, 5 November 2012

An Intro to the hub of our school

Welcome to Falconridge Learning Commons!

My name is Ms. A and I work in this wonderful space with all of our students and teachers at our school. This place can get pretty busy. Here are some of the things that this space has allowed us to do in the last few months.

Grade 6 Social Studies (Social Action)

The grade 6s celebrating WE day and watching the live video in Calgary.


Grade 2 Insects and their Habitats

Grade 2s busy creating their insects and insect habitats to share with their teachers.

Grade 1 Senses Centres

Recording observations from a microscope

Tasting and Describing Samples - then recording data

Touching and Predicting what is in the box

Grade 2 Teachers Interviewing students while they work

Grade 1 Teachers observing and having conversations with their students about senses being used and their importance


  1. Yes! A new contributor! Thanks for sharing some of the cool work that is happening at Falconridge School Ms. A.

    We look forward to sharing the experiences that are had in your Learning Commons Space :)

    Welcome to the Area III Learning Commons Blog!

    1. I just needed a little push (shove) from you an Mike to get going.

      I will keep you updated on our work. Keep up with your sharing as well. I love stealing your ideas!


  2. Great work Ms. A! I love that the Learning Commons is becoming a hub of learning at Falconridge. It was very interesting talking to many of my American colleagues at the Harvard Institute I am at, and them looking at me very funny when I brought up our Learning Commons work.

    The culture around learning is very different here and still a lot of traditional thinking and pedagogy. Very affirming for our work, though, I must say!

    1. Hey Mr. R!!

      Long time no chat! Harvard....looking at us funny? That is hard to believe. How is it that we feel so cutting edge and others don't understand it? How is it that Westernized school cultures are so different from each other?

      My final thought for you. How do we know that our way is the right/best way for student learning? Some things to ponder over.

      Nice hearing from you.