Thursday, 13 December 2012

Building Numbers Online

One of the things we like to try and do nowadays is to have our students represent their understanding in a variety of ways. This is especially the case in math.

When I first started teaching (about 10 years ago) I really only had a few different concrete manipulatives available to me to teach number sense. The one trustee resource I always turned to was the base ten blocks ~ Wow, how times of changed!

This past week I have been working with some grade 1-2s to build and represent numbers using an online manipulative website provide by Glencoe - McGraw Hill Education.

The students were able to build numbers at their own level by choosing an appropriate manipulative to suit them. Here are some examples in more details:
Bears in a Boat reinforces building tens with 10s frames

Students used the bears if they were working with numbers to 20

The virtual Base Ten Blocks allowed students to build bigger numbers.

Students were also able to design their own base ten counting manipulatives - This student used counters

We were able to 'keep' or save each representation by taking screen shots (Command⌘ +Shift+4) of the numbers we built. We then added them a Comic Life document to show a variety of numbers.

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