Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kindergarten Loves Winter!

WHAT: Green Screen Video
WHO: Kindergarten
WHERE: Marlborough School

We wanted to help our kindergarten students to develop a sense of expressing themselves orally. We wanted them to experience something they would be passionate about. Most kids love winter and thought would be cool to ask our kindergarteners what they love about winter, what they enjoy doing outside in the winter, what they wish they could do and anything else they like about snow or winter.

The green screen is the perfect resource for this project. All we needed to do was to find some video footage of winter scenes. YouTube did not provide anything that was worthy, as we needed video footage with no panning (panning would make the actor seem like the are floating along - unless they 'move' with the pan). Also, we decided to use video footage would really make the background come alive rather than using still photos.

We ended up using video from our own backyards, playgrounds and school yard. This footage would work well and with a few added props, the students would hopefully feel like they're really in the scene.

Enter the green screen. Enter the nerves. The cute, little, shy kindergarten students froze up the moment the camera went on. They couldn't say anything, they struggled to pretend, the sons they did produce was almost inaudible - I suddenly thought this learning task would flop.

To try and help the students remember what they needed to do when performing in a video, we made a simple checklist assessment. After each student had a chance to practice their performance, the small group then assessed their peer using the checklist.

The performance definitely improved after introducing the checklist.
Here some sample finished video (This is still a work in progress - We will add more when it is completed):


  1. Love it! Cool use of the green screen with K students.

    1. Thanks for the positive comment Mark! It was a lot of fun to do. Reading this comment again reminds me that I have to finish the editing! #lotsofworkahead!