Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Living Wall at Andrew Sibbald School

We received a $10 000 grant from the BP A+ for Energy program last spring. Our project was designed to promote Solar Energy and sustainability through the installation of Solar Panels on our school, tracking the amount of energy stored and redirecting the solar energy to our new Living Wall.

The Living Wall engages students in learning about the needs of plants and animals as they help our school community care for the plants and fish. Each grade team has been assigned specific roles that correlate to their curriculum in areas ranging from; science, math, language arts, visual arts and health. 

Teachers worked with a Calgary based company called, Vertical Oxygen to design, build and plant the Living Wall in our Learning Commons. Students, teachers and parents participated in designing the plant placement and planting the Living Wall. 

Students have been drawn to the Living Wall for many reasons, such as, the calming sound of the water flowing, watching the fish and observing and sketching the plants.


Our school community is able to track the Living Wall through a Twitter account, @SibbaldSolar. This creates a connection between home, school and our community. 

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