Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What Do Horses Need?

My grade one class at Guy Weadick School recently completed an inquiry into the needs of plants and animals.  We took a close look at the history, the value, and the role of horses in Alberta!  We were lucky to visit Aggie Days at Stampede Park to meet many domestic horses.  We also had the experience of having Mr. Larry Semchuk, a wildlife photographer come to our class.  Mr. Semchuk wrote a a book on Alberta's wild horses called Running Free: The Wild Horses of Alberta's East Slopes.  

After learning so much about horses, the class was eager to create books.  In groups of three we worked together to write non-fiction books using the iPad App StoryMaker.  This was the first time we used our school's new iPads!  There was lots to learn, but working together to solve problems really helped. Here are some  pages from their books to help you learn about some of the things that Wild and Domestic horses need.

For more information about our inquiry please visit our class inquiry page at 

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  1. Wow! Awesome work Lisa!

    First of all, thanks so much for contributing to our blog. It's great to have another school on board.

    It's great to see you have input from an expert. We have mostly have access to 'virtual' experts of some kind but not many experts that have been able to come in to visit us. What a great opportunity for you learners. I bet they loved that face-to -face contact.

    Also, great to see you using the iPads and creating an amazing eBook for your first project. I'm sure you're going to love having those devices as a support for learning.

    We look forward to your next post :)